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Learn how to create your own website today with our
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Welcome. This site literally shows you, step by step, how you can create your own website from scratch. And in about 24 hours from right now, you can have a real live, up and running website with colorful web graphics you designed yourself. We are also currently updating the site - coming soon!

Even if you've never taken any art classes or web design classes or had any technical training...OR if you thought, in the past, that it was too complicated or too expensive to learn... we now make it easy.

Now the best part is that the software you'll need to get started AND our video tutorials are absolutely FREE! That's right, the software we're using to show you how to make your own first site is entirely free. AND it's even been updated.

The only thing that will cost you money is web hosting. It's easy to buy your own domain name with web hosting and it's actually pretty cheap these days. We'll show you how. We even have our favorite web host listed on the web hosting page.

Our website and our tutorials are generally designed for people who are brand new to web design. This site is for you if...
  • You have never used a web site editor before
  • Don't even know what a web site editor is
  • Don't think it's possible for you to design your own site
  • Don't consider yourself a web or computer person
  • Can't afford PhotoShop or Dreamweaver
  • Want to learn the basics of graphics design
  • Want to learn how to design, own, operate and manage your own website
  • Want to create a website to make extra money

This site will help you step by step design your own website from a blank screen to a work of art. We walk you through the whole process. And you'll be amazed when you're done in about 24 - 48 hours at how simple it actually was.

Now, if you already have some experience, but still consider yourself a novice, our tutorials can help build your confidence and show you some things you might have missed.

Either way, ALL of our basic tutorials are FREE....sorry, no catches.

So have fun with this site, there's a lot here, so you may want to sign up for our free newsletter to be informed with updates and new lessons.

We hope it teaches you some new things and new concepts that you can benefit from and maybe even surprise your creative self in the meantime...

Robert Sigler

P.S. We also have a complete updated Web Design Course available. This is for people who want to go beyond this free course and learn web design in their own home professionally and who want to make money either for themselves or to help make sites for others.

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